Thursday, April 27, 2023

The Price of Superstition


After the recent events at Superstition Mountain, museum curator Ray Peralta thought he was done with danger. But violence starts spreading from a new group in town, and when Allie De La Cruz shows up, Ray realizes trouble has found him once more. Though he’s completely blindsided by what Allie has to say, he can’t help but listen to her farfetched story because Allie came to town to find the people who killed her family―and she believes Ray is the key to finding answers.

As much as Ray wants to stay out of Allie’s quest, when his friends are thrown into the middle of the deadly conflict, he’s left with no choice but to join. Drawn ever deeper into a mysterious world of ancient oaths and sacred relics, he gets dangerously close to uncovering the truth about the mastermind behind the violence―and the truth about the woman he’s risking his life to help.

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